Thursday, April 21, 2005

AIPAC Sr. Staff Rosen and Weissman are being FIRED FOR CAUSE

Israeli Spies Rosen and Weissman are being FIRED FOR CAUSE: "Israeli Spies Rosen and Weissman are being FIRED FOR CAUSE
Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman have been the targets an FBI probe as part of what has become known as the AIPAC/Franklin Spy Scandal. Up until now AIPAC has stood behind the pair and proclaimed their innocence as well as that of AIPAC as an organization. Now the BBC has released that Rosen and Weissman are not only leaving AIPAC but are being FIRED FOR CAUSE. In one of the most amazing acts since the Israeli Embassy refused Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard sanctuary AIPAC is as much as admitting that Rosen and Weissman are Israeli Spies. So rather than the one way tickets to Tel Aviv that one would expect AIPAC is turning her back on men who only were doing their jobs. Still in all I have to suggest that whether AIPAC has two spies or twenty it pales in comparison to AEI or the crew Paul Wolfowitz had at DoD.

Haaretz - AIPAC Burning Two to Save Itself - How Deep Does The Spy Scandal Really Run
BBC NEWS | AIPAC 'fires staff' Because of Their Conduct
The Epoch Times | Pro-Israel AIPAC Fires 2 Involved in Spy Probe
Forward Newspaper Online: AIPAC Dumping Suspected Spies Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman"


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