Friday, January 14, 2005

Jewish Review smears David Szady

DAVID SZADY IN PORTLAN D: "Top agent in AIPAC probe sent to Portland after tainted 1999 inquiry of Jewish lawyer

Jewish Review
The senior FBI official who is at the center of a current federal investigation of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee became the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Portland Division immediately after a group he headed in 1999 was named in a public admission of government wrongdoing in the investigation of a Jew.

According to the FBI’s Web site, David Szady was posted as agent in charge of the FBI in Portland in May of 1999, one month after then CIA Director George Tenet admitted that a group headed by Szady had engaged in “inappropriate” conduct in its investigation of a Jewish attorney employed by the CIA.

A spokeswoman at the Portland FBI office said Szady served in Portland until May of 2001.

Today, Szady heads the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division and is the leading government figure in the U.S. government’s current probe of and alleged sting operation against AIPAC.

Investigative reporter Edwin Black, writing for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, began a Sept. 20, 2004, story about Szady by asserting that Szady “is well-known to senior Jewish communal officials, who assert he has targeted Jews in the past.”

Black also reported, “Now, an investigation reveals that Szady was involved in a well-publicized case involving a Jewish former CIA staff attorney who sued the FBI, the CIA and its top officials for religious discrimination.

“Although not named in the suit, Szady headed the elite department that former CIA Director George Tenet admitted in 1999 was involved with ‘insensitive, unprofessional and highly inappropriate’” language regarding the case of the attorney, Adam Ciralsky.

It was April 13, 1999, that Tenet made that admission in a published letter to Anti-Defamation League Director Abraham H. Foxman. That admission came the month before Szady was sent to Portland.

Black’s report also noted: “According to exclusively obtained documents, Szady was directly involved in the Ciralsky case. He is identified in the documents as the chief of the CIA’s Counterespionage Group, known as CEG, which was later accused of targeting Ciralsky for being Jewish and a supporter of Israel.”

In the same story, Black quoted an FBI spokesperson on the issue of Szady’s interest in Jews: “David Szady has informed me that he has no anti-Semitic views, has never handled a case or investigation based upon an individual’s ethnicity or religious views, and would never do so.”

In more recent reporting of the AIPAC probe, Black has not commented further on allegations or suspicions of the possible targeting of Jews based on their ethnicity or religion."


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