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Rezai seeks fame amid a sea of unproven allegations and daydream

Rezai seeks fame amid a sea of unproven allegations and daydream: "Rezai seeks fame amid a sea of unproven allegations and daydream


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Subject: Rezai seeks fame amid a sea of unproven allegations and daydream
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CAIRO, July 15 (AFP) - A top Iranian official's son living in
the United States told an Arabic-language weekly that a pro-Iranian
militant group carried out the 1996 attack in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia,
which killed 19 US airmen.
Ahmad Rezai, son of a former commander of Iran's Revolutionary
Guards, said in an interview to appear Friday in the Arab weekly
Al-Watan Al-Arabi that "members of the Hezbollah-Gulf based in Iran
planned and carried out the attack with indirect support from the
Iranian government," according to an advance copy of the interview
obtained here by AFP Wednesday.
"I think that the Islamic Republic is not directly implicated in
the attack but indirectly by aiding, for example, the purchase and
supply of weapons," he told the paper, which is edited in Paris and
published in Cairo.
Gulf news media have previously reported the existence of a
Hezbollah-Gulf organization and accused it of plotting unrest in
Bahrain and other Arab Gulf monarchies.
According to Rezai, Iran's "spiritual guide Ali Khamenei and
former Iranian president (Akbar) Hashemi Rafsanjani are directly
involved in giving support to extremist organizations in the Arab
Gulf countries and elsewhere in the world, even though current
President Mohammad Khatami does not support extremist elements."
Rezai, 21, has been living for the last three months in Los
Angeles, according to Al-Watan Al-Arabi, where he is under police
Ahmad Rezai is the son of Mohsen Rezai, the secretary of Iran's
national expediency council
He earlier criticized the Tehran regime in a Voice of America
interview from the United States, prompting Iranian authorites to
claim he is physically and mentally affected by a serious road
accident in Iran 17 months ago.
The June 25, 1996 attack in the eastern Saudi city of Dhahran
used a truck loaded with explosives to destroy a US military
compound, killing 19 airmen and injuring more than 500 other
The Pentagon expressed frustration last month that no one has
been brought to justice for the truck bombing two years ago.
The New York Times reported that the US government's
investigation has collapsed over disagreements with the Saudis.
But a Saudi official in Riyadh said last month that the Saudi
investigation had determined that the bombing was carried out by
Saudis with the assistance of some other parties."


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