Saturday, July 17, 2004

Powell Threatens Economic Sanctions against Iran

Powell Threatens Economic Sanctions against Iran
Online News: " WorldSaturday, 17 Jul 2004   
Iran will pay economic price if continues nuclear programmes: US  Washington, Jul 17 - Maintaining that Iran has not given up the quest to acquire a nuclear weapon through dual use technology, the US has said if the country doesn't give it up, it will pay an unacceptable economic price.'It is not an idle threat. Most of the world wanted to look the other way on Iranian programme. But President George W Bush focused on it and the US made it a matter of importance in its agenda with Russia which was building nuclear plants in Iran,' Secretary of State Colin Powell told.He indicated that the US considers both Iran and North Korea vulnerable to economic sanctions. 'We were able to provide information to the IAEA, as did others, that we have finally discovered in a way that is indisputable that Iran was moving in that direction. Iran was hiding things and moving towards acquiring a nuclear weapon.' Observing that the country has enough oil to take care of all of its energy needs and a good part of the world's energy needs for a long time to come, the US Secretary of States said 'it is our considered judgment that whatever civilian purpose it might have had, it had a principal purpose of moving them towards the development of a nuclear weapon.' 'This is a nuclear weapons programme,' he said adding 'they went out of their way to hide facilities, to deceive the international community as to what was happening.' The Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and Britain got engaged in this on behalf of the EU and got commitments from Iran that it would be forthcoming and stop all this activity, Powell said. "


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