Monday, July 19, 2004

Iran Prepared to Assist Brotherly Nation of Iraq

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"Iran Prepared to Assist Brotherly Nation of Iraq

In a message to Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, Iranian President Mohammad Khatami expressed hope that the transfer of sovereignty to Iraq’s interim government would help the country gain complete independence and eventually oust the occupying forces from the country.

This message was presented to the Iraqi prime minister on Saturday, July 17 by Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s charge d’affaires in Baghdad.

In his meeting with Allawi, the Iranian charge d’affaires expressed Iran’s readiness to cooperate with the interim government in all fields, particularly in reconstruction and helping to improve Iraq’s security situation.

Allawi called Iran-Iraq relations brotherly and friendly and said Tehran-Baghdad ties should be strengthened.

The neighboring countries of Iran and Iraq have many common regional interests, and the establishment of a stable and secure Iraq with a democratic government is one of those common interests.

However, the prolonged presence of occupying forces in Iraq and the resulting negative effect on the country’s overall security have become matters of serious concern for regional countries, especially Iraq’s neighbors.

This is why Iran was opposed to the military assault on Iraq from the beginning and is currently calling on all parties to make efforts to end the occupation and expedite the transfer of power to the Iraqi people.

This is a sensitive juncture for Iraq. Although the interim government was not elected by the people, since it can pave the way for the transfer of power to the Iraqi people through elections, its establishment is a positive point.

However, the suspicious activities of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Mossad in Iraq and the extremist measures and violent acts carried out by certain groups have made it more difficult for the interim government to reach this goal.

Obviously, Iraq should try to make use of the assistance of neighboring countries, including Iran, to achieve this goal.

But the occupiers are trying to prevent the establishment of stability and security in Iraq, since they seek to give the world the impression that Iraq is insecure so they can blame others for the unstable situation in the country and downplay the Iraqi people’s desire to see the occupying forces leave their country as soon as possible."


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